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From non-core to core business

From non-core to core business: The last few years until 2011, Paul Plate was only a non-core small business unit within the large conglomerate ThyssenKrupp Group. The spin off from these group structures, noticeably higher attention and better performance-recognition of employees opened up entrepreneurial opportunities and gave employees a motivational push. This profits the overall business and enables it to further develop its strengths.

  • Great benefits for customers: In comparison to competitors’ products, Paul Plate offers significant advantages to its customers
  • Attractive niche-market segment: Worldwide increase in demand of agricultural products. Furthermore, the parts-market offers additional growth potential
  • High barriers to market entry: The development of new products as well as the process of developing customer relationships by a non-established market participant is both cost- and time-intensive
  • High technological competence: Paul Plate’s employees are highly qualified and have many years of experience and know-how in developing and producing the quality-sensitive Paul Plate products. The products, which are developed by the company itself or in cooperation with its customers, fulfill highest requirements in wear-resistance, functionality, stability, toughness, hardness, security & flexibility.
  • Lean organizational structure: The organizational structure is lean, but yet prepared for the growth planned over the next few years. The management of the company is competent and has excellent market- and product-expertise. Additionally, the new partners will actively use their entrepreneurial know-how to benefit the company and its employees.
  • Besides the self-powered organic growth, the medium-term strategic plan is to use the company as a nucleus for the build up and expansion of a mid-sized group of companies that positions itself as a world leading system supplier of all technically advanced and wear subjected accessories for agricultural machines.