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The Team

Ursula Klingsporn
Jürgen Becker


Ursula Klingsporn und Jürgen Becker

Both have more than 30 years of work experience in the sales of our technically sophisticated products with all duties of order processing and communication with our domestic and foreign customers.

Production “Made in Germany”

Our production supervisor also has more than 30 years of work experience in managing the production of spring-tines, leaf-springs and special parts with the corresponding special knowledge about hot forming, heat treatment and assembly. Our well-performing production-team consists of many exceptionally motivated, highly experienced and quality-oriented staff members.

Our own Toolmaking

Our toolmaking department is equipped with high-performing facilities and machines that allow us to produce all the tools for our production by ourselves. The tool-making staff members are great artists and inventors and are very experienced in the equipment production for spring tines, leaf-springs and special parts for all processing stages in the production. They have plenty of knowledge about the corresponding production of prototypes, tool adjustments and prototypes for running series.

Maintanance & Electricity

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Our staff members in the maintenance and electricity department are also very experienced experts in handling a variety of different production facilities and kiln-plants in the area of maintenance and preventive maintenance. They have qualified knowledge about mechanics, hydraulics, electrics and control technology.

Quality Control, Storage and Logistics

Our staff members in the Quality Control (100% quality checks), storage and logistics departments also have many years of work experience in quality control, warehouse management and logistics, including commissioning of finished goods to the customer’s order.