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  • More than 100 years Paul Plate

More than 100 years Paul Plate

Founded 1904 by Paul Plate senior and Hermann Buschhaus junior. The foundation was made official on the 19th of June 1904 at the District Court in Hagen.

The company was trading as “Wagenfedern- und Werkzeugfabrik GmbH, Hagen”.The purpose of the company was registered in the royal District Court of Hagen as “Fabrication, sale and distribution of carriage springs, hacks, hammers and similar items as well as its associated sideline operations. Ever since the business has been residing at Eichendorffstr. 16 in 58089 Hagen.

fold faq 1911 - 1930 - The big business with the Automotive Industry

In 1911, Paul Plate sen. separated from his partner Hermann Buschhaus jun. The name of the company was changed to Federnwerke Paul Plate GmbH, Hagen. With great foresight, the young entrepreneur recognized the potentials in the automotive industry, which was in its youth at the time of Paul Plate’s foundation. He produced and supplied the automotive industry like Benz & Cie., Gottl. Daimer, Bruessing N.A.G.. At that time there existed only two companies in Germany that were mass-producing automotive springs. Furthermore, springs were also produced for carriages and the agricultural maching industry.


During this time-period, the business grew immensely as the automobile rapidly started conquering the roads and the number of cars and trucks was continuously rising. Not only did this mean an expansion of production sites, but also a continuous pace keeping up with the technological development of the cars.


Even the railroad became a satisfied customer when Paul Plate sen. managed to produce wagon- and buffersprings after many years of development.

fold faq 1931 - 1945 - Largest OEM for the Agricultural Machining Industry - War and Desctruction

Paul Plate sen. died on February 8th 1931. His son, Paul Plate jun., born 1907, took the heritance as the oldest of three brothers. He had already joined the company on Januray 7th 1930 as a partner and now continued the work in his dad’s manners.

On top of the production of automotive springs, the factory became one of the biggest OEM for Agricultural Machining Indusctry worldwide and employed about 400 employees at its location in Hagen.

On February 28th 1945, one of the last bomb attacks heavily destroyed the company building. Without a roof and with desperately patched machines, the production was continued as early as June 24th 1945.

fold faq 1945 - 2011 - The ThyssenKrupp Era
  • 1945: The destroyed factory was rebuilt with help of Fried. Krupp, who also became a partner
  • 1979: Fried. Krupp completely acquired the remaining shares of the Plate Family
  • 1985: The merger with the company Krupp Brueninghaus GmbH took place
  • 1997: Krupp Brueninghaus merged with Hoesch Federn to form Hoesch Federn GmbH
  • 1999: The rebranding to ThyssenKrupp Federn GmbH occurred
  • 2005: Agrartechnik Paul Plate became part of the ThyssenKrupp Bilstein Suspension GmbH
fold faq 2011 - today - A flexible and family owned mid size company with huge potential

On May 13th 2011, ThyssenKrupp AG decided on an integrated concept for a strategic development in order to make the ThyssenKrupp Group more competitive and to lead into the future sustainably. Part of this concept was to sell (amongst others) the springs- and stabilizer-business in the framework of a Best-Owner-Concept.

In the course of ThyssenKrupp focusing on it’s core activities, the non core Agrartechnik Paul Plate was sold to the present owners effectively on the 1st of October 2011. The convincing industrial concept in accordance with the “best-owner” principle was crucial in making the decision to sell to the investor and entrepreneur Dr. Christian Borsche, the Westfälische Eisen- und Stahlhandelsgesellschaft mbH and the Managing Director, Volker Mielisch. This concept ensures a continuous development of the over 100-year-old company in a worldwide growing market environment. Agrartechnik Paul Plate GmbH is as “Made in Germany” manufacturer of high quality tines and springs one of the worldwide leading OEM for the Agricultural Machining Industry. The company will be managed as a core business with the structure and culture of mid-sized company, reinforced by external know-how and strategically expanded by developing the customer- and production-portfolio.

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