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Managing Partner

Volker Mielisch

Volker Mielisch, Geschäftsführung Paul Plate

Volker Mielisch has more than 30 years of work experience in the development and construction of complex parts in the field of metal processing for various high quality applications. He has also been in a managing position for the Agrartechnik Paul Plate since eight years:

Since 10/2011

Managing Partner Agrartechnik Paul Plate GmbH, Hagen


Managing Director Agrartechnik Paul Plate, Hagen


Operations Manager Agrartechnik Paul Plate, Hagen


Operations Manager Tool-Making and construction of heavy stabilizers and bars business, ThyssenKrupp Federn, Werdohl


In addition: Head of light weight stabilizors


Head of  Toolmaking and construction, Krupp Hoesch Federn, Werdohl


Group Leader Gauge and Equipment design, Krupp Brüninghaus, Werdohl


Technical Draftsman, various construction departments, Krupp Brüninghaus, Werdohl


State certified Technician


Apprenticeship as a technical draftsman, Krupp Brüninghaus, Werdohl

Dr. Christian Borsche

Dr. Christian Borsche, Geschäftsführung Paul Plate

Dr. Christian Borsche has more than 25 years of work experience in different aspects of the Corporate World, especially in the areas of Strategy, Business Planning, Funding, Finance and Controlling, Mergers & Acquisitions and Law:

Investor in various German mid size companies such as Agrartechnik Paul Plate GmbH, Hagen

Corporate Finance und Mergers & Acquisitions (Managing Partner B. Metzler GmbH (private bank) und Dr. Borsche GmbH – Corporate Finance) 

Strategic Group development und Business Planning und Mergers & Acquisitions for a large international conglomerate (Stinnes AG, E.ON AG)

Private Equity and Financial Investor (Deutsche Beteiligungs AG)

Debt Provider (Deutsche Bank AG)

Business Law Attorney of Law