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USP of Paul Plate products

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Rising tractor powers lead to increasingly bigger devices and speeds.  Inevitably, spring tines are subject to greater demands and higher wear-and-tear.


Agrartechnik Paul Plate, THE high-quality manufacturer in Germany with 100 % products “Made in Germany” has sworn on adherence to the highest quality requirements since the beginning. This secured an unchallenged leadership in quality.


Farmers are pressured by a lot of time-critical agricultural work. They can’t afford to use products that can’t guarantee a timely and flawless performance due to inferior quality. The bigger machines and demands get, the more important this aspect becomes.  Therefore, Paul Plate manufactures all quality-spring-tines exclusively with high-quality Silicium-, Chrome-, or Chrome-Vanadin-alloyed spring-steel.

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Spring steel at 920°C in the furnace

Over many years, Paul Plate’s employees gathered a Product and Manufacturing Know-How at the location in Hagen from the even more challenging and safety relevant manufacturing of springs for the auto production.


Efficent productions lines and precise tempering systems, as well as the above mentioned know-how guarantee a flawless and consistent quality.



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Shot peened product

Paul Plate's spring tines undergo an intensive shot peening with rounded cut wire generates residual compressive stresses in the surface layer, which greatly increases the spring's service life.

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Painted product

To achieve optimal corrosion protection, the spring tines from Paul Plate are dip painted or electrostatic powder coated (Powder coating with an external partner).



Continuous and documented quality control, from the 3.1B certified raw material supply to the finished product, is standard at Agrartechnik Paul Plate.

Every product undergoes a 100 % form- and quality control to guarantee a consistently excellent quality “Made in Germany” for all stamped and production-dated Paul Plate products.